Blues of SoMe

Ever noticed that most of the Social Media networks’ logo’s are some shade of blue? I was revamping my res a bit last night- for the sake of not having to catch up too much at the end of the year- and in adding to the aesthetics of it, I considered the entire color palette.

I’m known for my social buttons to the top of my resume ( I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback about them), so the extras to the res had to somehow match the buttons. A bit annoying that the only colors I could choose were shades of BLUE! Wonder why?!

Did some research, hoping there would be a McDonald’s ‘red & yellow make you hungry’ solution to it, to no avail. Maybe blue makes you MORE social, but not really- not ACTUALLY social, but social to the extent of social media- not actually verbalizing. Any ideas?

Here’s the SoMe Blues part of my res:

Get Creative Kids

The competition out there is not a joke! Check out this awesome idea I stumbled upon on Flickr… wear your resume! Walking advertising all day long! How will you be different, and more attractive to a potential employer over everyone else?

Social-ize Your Res

Whoever told you it was OK so have a structured resume in Times New Roman 12- is lying to you. Aside from choosing a better font, creating a more appealing layout for your resume and PDFing it, learn “How To Add Retweet and Facebook Buttons…” to the PDF.

We live in a social world now people… you seem quite out of the loop if you aren’t at least open to embracing it.

Watch below- it’s a bit long but check it out, or read more>>


What’s a WPS?

Tidbit for the job seekers out there:

I’ve been doing some reworking of unemployed friends’ resumes… and I’ve seen things left and right that are driving me crazy. Some are smoothed over by just a bit of constructive criticism, but others are just tougher to come by and I have to share- before another friend drives me crazy!

Before spending months and months applying to countless jobs, test your resume/cover letter emails! I cannot stress it enough. A friend of mine, looking for a full time job has been sending her resume out for 6 months! I asked her if I could take a look at it because I couldn’t imagine why… not one employer hadn’t gotten back to her.

Turns out her resume was a WPS format (?!), which for anyone with Microsoft suite from anywhere after 2005 cannot open.

(!!) Test your email, cover letter and resume with more than one person. Make sure they can receive, open the files and that the format hasn’t changed.

Building Bridges, How to Land the Job

So… I spoke on my first panel, and can I mention how empowering it was? The PRSSA chapter at my alum, CCNY PRSSA holds an annual “Building Bridges” event where they invite recent grads to talk about the importance of internships, networking and how they landed the job they currently hold.

President of the CCNY chapter, Kellie Jelencovich, as well as fellow SM guru Jenn Spivak, hosted myself and 4 other recent grads for this years’ Building Bridges where we focused on Social Networking to meet the right people and land the right job!

The 5th Annual Building Bridges speakers included:

· myself- Alex Suazo, PR & Marketing Assistant, Shiraz Events

· Adam Maldonado, Junior Engagement Planner, Tribal DDB

· Javier Garcia, Global Assistant Account Executive, Y&R

· Natalee Facey, Assistant Media Planner, Draftfcb

· Genevieve Santos, NYC Publicist & Founder of Gorgeous on the Go

I was excited to talk about a few points I felt were super important, since I’d been doing SOMETHING right, as I was actually starting at my new job that day.

My main points for recent grads/job seekers were the following:

  1. Get online! Get on Linkedin, request friends and colleagues, get recommendations on there when your work ethic is fresh in someone’s head! Getting those thumbs up will increase your visibility. Social media is your friend! Create a bio… doesn’t matter if you don’t do anything important, add all the things you’re good at, your education etc. “FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT!”
  2. Get your resume out there… to recruiters to friends to HR professionals! Have them rip it apart and put it back together. You have to know what HR department are looking for in your specific field.
  3. Appreciate internships, do them because you want to, and get the most out of them! They want to see that experience, that you put your professionalism and networking before anything else.
  4. Network, network, network! Nurture your professional relationships like you would you relationship with a bf or gf! Take $20 out of your check, and take someone out for a drink or coffee that you want to get to know, and hopefully benefit from. But nurture that relationship, networking is a 2 way street!
  5. Business cards with all your info—be professional, don’t let them walk away without all your info. Things as easy as Vistaprint or Staples Instant Business Cards , you can order/design your cards and pickup within 4 hours! Get out of your shell… everyone’s doing it! By not taking that step and introducing yourself, you’ve lost half the battle.
  6. Join Meetup and go to Meetups that interest you! There are plenty of people out there, ready and able to help you develop your brand and professionalism!

Best of luck!!!