My New Knickerbocker

GTL = Gym, Tan, DO Landry (Fields) me newest crush on The Knicks: Love , love. Is this too much to ask? Try to forget he’s a Knick- guys like this, of his height (6’7) and a nice smile (!!) are NOT a dime a dozen :(

Play with Landry on his KnicksNow microsite, his stats on NBA.COM, follow him on twitter @landryfields and watch him and other Knick rook  Andy Rautins on “The Andy & Landry Show”- too cute!

Jersey Shore & South Park

Love me some Jersey Shore, really. More than just a guilty pleasure for me… I love every minute genuinely. Love me some MVP, Situation, Pauly D and Vinny… and some Shnoooook J WOW action!

I don’t know how I felt about this joke on them though on South Park… funny as hell, but a bit over board? It was pretty intense with all the Jersey reality shows! What did you think?

If you missed it, watch the full episode here.