Meghan Trainor Part 2

I’ve felt this for a couple of weeks now but am finally getting a moment to really let it out. Meghan Trainor is my spirit animal.

Every one of this chickadee’s songs hits home… every – single – song. Take one of her newest from her album Title “Dear Future Husband” as an example. I mean(!) could this song be any more ME? Apparently it’s struck a chord with feminists , but I think it’s great – so, I guess I’m not a feminist?! Sorry, not sorry. I’m happy to make a future-significant-other as happy as I can make him as long as it’s mutual.

Dear future husband
Here’s a few things you need to know
If you want to be my one and only all my life

Take me on a date
I deserve a bake
And don’t forget the flowers
Every anniversary
Cause if you treat me right
I’ll be the perfect wife
Buyin’ groceries, buy, buy what you need
You got that nine to five, but baby so do I
So don’t be thinking I’ll be home and baking apple pies
I never learned to cook
But I can write a hook
Sing along with me
Sing, sing along with me

You gotta know how to treat me like a lady
Even when I’m acting crazy
Tell me everything’s alright

Dear future husband
If you wanna get that special loving
Tell me I’m beautiful each and every night

I’ll be sleeping on the left side of the bed
Open the doors for me and you might get some, kisses
Don’t have a dirty mind,
Just be a classy guy
Buy me a ring, buy, buy me a ring
You gotta know how to treat me like a lady
Even when I’m acting crazy
Tell me everything’s alright

watch the video

And remember that time I blogged about song writers and how they never really give you a solution to your sad problem?

So, my point: I’m no record label or mass consumer audience but songwriters… from the depressed and lonely across the world…YES songs that empathize sell your music, but I bet songs with answers would sell more.

Meghan actually solves the problem! In her song “He’s No Good For You”, she’s singing as a friend to a friend that’s with a guy that’s no good for her and, more importantly, she’s telling her why. This approach means so much more! Not only am I going to jam to it because I know he’s no good for me, but also because my friend Meghan is telling me why he’s no good for me. Win win.

Won’t you take it from a friend
That boy is not a gentleman
And you’ll find out soon enough
What you’re feeling it ain’t love
Cause he called me yesterday
And he asked me on a date
Tried to play you like a fool
And that’s why I’m calling you

In short, thank you for being real Meghan.

xo, Suaz.

Granny Hair is a Thing and I Want it

Do you know those people who fall down a Googling spiral of research upon learning about something new or interesting?

Yeah, that’d be someone like me – and it happens often. My last out of control Google-research-spiral (before the one this post is about) was about African safaris. Suffice it to say I’ll probably be taking a safari next year, all it took was a movie – Blended – to piqué my interest.

Moreover, one little tweet by Elite Daily re #grannyhair and I’m dying for some gray hairrrr.

What did I learn on my research trip? Well, the beauty on the right is Samantha Ravndahl, a MUA from Vancouver. After doubletapping almost every recent upload on her insta, I moved over to her Youtube, Batalash. Per her super dolled up hair colorist, Hair by Namrood, going grey requires going super bleach blonde which.. isn’t great for your locks apparently. Major bummer.

In other news, I think it might be a worth a trip to Vancouver to get my hair done by Sarah. Check out her work. I also think it might be worth helping her redo her site – quid pro quo?

On Cell Phone Data Plans

Over a year ago, maybe almost 2, out of the coolness of getting my phone bill paid for, I handed over my phone plan and number to my employee. For those that don’t know, for many years Verizon had an unlimited data plan … you know, back when using “data” (aka streaming music, taking/uploading selfies, keeping FB and Twitter refreshed) wasn’t as big a deal. If you still had your same account/contract from years ago you were a lucky “grandfathered” account that continued to have unlimited data. Get a new contract though and you’re in the middle of a pricing war and of which every little data pull (and total data usage) costs you money.

I had a grandfathered account before I handed it over and now that I pulled my number and got a new contract it looks like I’ll be making up for the months I didn’t have a phone bill because using my data is like breathing. I now have to “watch my intake”, if-you-will, and be the sad person that searches desperately for WIFI to save on data; what has this world come to!

Hindsight, of course, is 20/20 and I regret not thinking it through more thoroughly before terminating that account. NOTHING IN LIFE IS FREE, PEOPLE. NOTHING.

In other news, I have a pretty new iPhone 6 with a pretty new case that I’m obsessed with. Additionally, even with an upgrade to 4GB from 2GB I’m still paying less than I was when I had the unlimited plan. So I guess it all works itself out.



If you follow me on Instagram, or Twitter, you probably know that at the end of my (now traditional) 2-week New Years vacation extravaganza, I went to Iceland. Upon my return, I had so many people asking to tell them all about it – it was overwhelming. I dwindled it down to the fact that Iceland isn’t exactly “the place to go” on a vacation but it’s a place I’ve wanted to go to for some time now. Not just for its natural wonders but because I love winter! So why not visit at the tail end of my trip in the dead of winter?


Problem is, and what I’ve learned after seeing some amazing things in my day, is that there are just some experiences that you can’t describe; like my trip to the Palace of Versailles that I never wrote about. Experiences that are difficult to write about because they inspired or moved you beyond words.

It’s not about getting a picture up on Instagram – it’s not about saying you went. It’s about the descendant of a viking that we met at a bar that told us about Icelandic culture; it’s about driving through unpredictable weather to find nature and beauty in a snow storm. It’s about the beauty that lies across this earth that some people may never see.

Alex Cornell, filmmaker/photographer, was recently quoted about an incredible photograph he took of an overturned iceberg; what he said hit home for me.

“Its funny — as a photographer and as a person, there’s so much there that’s all so alien that it’s almost overwhelming,” he said. “Once you’ve seen a few penguins, a few icebergs, these crazy jagged mountains, your mind can only comprehend how incredible one or two things are at a time.

In my mind and soul it’s something I will never forget but to go back and try to describe the feelings that come with witnessing these alien things is hard. That’s not to say I won’t continue writing about my travels as much as possible but I can understand now why a lot of the travel bloggers I follow don’t bother saying much… they just share beautiful unfiltered images. Through images they tell the story of what they’ve seen.

I’ll try to do the same through some of my images from my unforgettable trip to Iceland.
Excited to plan a trip back during Spring/Summer. Njóta.





Minke Whale


Gym Cancellation Guilt

First: Happy New Year, kind followers of my crazy life! It’s been forever. I’ve missed writing and I’ve missed you. I’m excited to bring some ideas to life on Suazmopolitan this year so, you know, be sure to share all about it :).

Second, and more importantly: Gym cancellation guilt is a real thing.

Unlike everyone else that made a new year resolution to lose weight (again) – I made a resolution to make sure I don’t pay a dime for a gym I don’t use. Sure, “be healthy and work out” is on the list but I don’t want to waste my money on a gym I won’t use … which is what I’ve done since I was persuaded (I’m weak!) to join a gym in September.

I went once; literally, one time. This gym just wasn’t the right solution for me and I’ve wasted money thanks to this bad decision.

So I put on my big girl pants and called them back in December to cancel but guess what happened?

… I understand, but you have to come to the gym to cancel because you have to sign something for us.”

BS! I’m sure they can cancel it without my signature…moving on. Last night I put on even bigger big girl pants and went to the gym. I spent the entire drive thinking about what I’d say if/when they might ask why I’m leaving or try to persuade me to stay.

Have you seen this episode of Friends? Yea, this is exactly how I thought I’d go:

…except it didn’t! I was so good and I cancelled it! Come to think of it, the guy didn’t even try to persuade me to stay – I think it’s because I arrived 10 minutes before his shift was over. Of course I might have to pay for February but there’s not a huge cancellation penalty. I’m also blessed to have come to my senses early on. Some people pay for months on end without going.

Not sure I have advice on how to best approach gym membership cancellation… I just wanted to confirm that there’s serious guilt tied to cancelling things… of which I suffer from.

The most I can say is: when you look at the bigger picture, why are you really feeling guilty? It’s YOUR MONEY – and the gym is the worst  place to throw it away.

Off to find a new gym. Goal: don’t rush into it.



Another day – another subscription – another deduction from my bank account. Rocksbox is the latest subscription service, similar to Birchbox, that delivers 3 pieces of jewelry that match your “style survey”. You can keep them for as long as you want, return 1 or all 3, and get more delivered to you to replace those;  all for $19/month. Ultimately, of course, Rocksbox wants you to buy the “specially priced” 20% off (still $65) necklace if you really love it.

A friend gave me a free month promo code and so I tried it and received my Rocksbox yesterday.

Rocksbox takes a fun and detailed approach to their branding which I mention because that’s something I care about. As you can see above, this is a smaller box (than Birchbox’s, for example) with a pretty tied closure that makes for an even more exciting “opening” moment. As soon as I lifted the top, a bold and personalized “HELLO!” greeted me.


The three pieces of jewelry are in little mesh baggies as opposed to just a plastic one, and they include a return label for when you’re ready to swap the accessories. Great experience! Rocksbox

My one “con” is that it’s $19/month. It doesn’t sound like a lot but I already pay $10/month for Birchbox and at least I get to keep the samples. Not sure I’ll continue this subscription but totally worth looking into if you’re an accessories bird and don’t have other subscriptions you enjoy more.
Check them out here!